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Raising up an Army FFSI Students"Teaching them to know the Christ In them and Sending Them Out"
The Lord spoke to Apostle Victor some years ago and said "Raise up an army of dedicated followers of Christ, train them to practically KNOW the CHRIST in them and to pursue and accomplish their destiny in Christ," and to that effect, FFSI has been set up as a platform through which these dedicated followers of Christ will be properly equipped to faithfully fulfill this mandate. Today, the Training Center equips and prepares people to perform the work of Christ through ministry. FFSI has two primary components: The School of Ministry and Leadership training Institute.

The School of Ministry runs an accelerated nine months ministerial training program for those called to or currently serving in one of the fivefold-ministry offices as outlined in Ephesians 4:11-12. The Ministry School trains ministers, missionaries and every one to use their faith to build supernatural, excellent ministries – ministries like Faith Factor Ministries International across the globe and other like-minded New Testament churches and ministries characterized by Holy Spirit signs and wonders.

Through this program, students learn how to operate Kingdom principles, break through natural limitations, and take their faith walk to another dimension in Christ! Our Identity in Christ, Leadership, vision, church planting, Spiritual warfare, prayer, faith, Deliverance and signs and wonders are just a few of the subjects covered during our condensed training.

Three-tier level Bible Training Classes are offered each quarter to train, disciple and empower Believers to live victoriously in every area of their lives. Classes are currently being offered both at our Niagara Falls campus and online!

Courses: Increasing your Effectiveness in Prayer, Discovering your Gifts and Purpose, How to Heal the Sick, How to Receive from God, Effective Leadership, and How to Study the Bible, Deliverance, Spiritual warfare, Faith, Your Identity in Christ, Eschatology, Christology, Biblical Financial Management, Christian Counseling, Family Life etc.

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